Training to introduce Peer Driven Intervention in Malaysia

A training to introduce peer driven intervention in Malaysia

On December 17-22, 2012 TS Hub Kiev together with Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) organised a training “Peer Driven Intervention (PDI) to prevent HIV among injecting drug users”. The training is a first step on the way to development of PDI in Malaysia which will be implementing as a part of CAHR project in 2013.

The aim of the training facilitated by Pavlo Smyrnov and Oksana Matiyash (TS Hub Kiev) was to adopt PDI model in order to address HIV epidemic in Malaysia. Its main focus was on bringing the model to a local context, educating relevant staff and development of all documents and tools required for the field work. As a result of the training a list of practical recommendations was elaborated to support and sustain the model implementation in Malaysia. Peer driven intervention will help to increase the coverage of active drug users and in particular female drug users, who are not reached by prevention activities so far.

PDI is an outreach model, developed for reaching and educating drug users from hidden communities to prevent HIV and reduce risks associated with drug use. It helps to reach existing peer networks, rather than individuals. This model was developed and piloted by Robert S. Broadhead and his colleagues in the USA, China, Vietnam, Russia and Ukraine.

The participants learnt about requirements for PDI site, discussed HIV prevention services which will be offered to their new clients recruited by the PDI model. Some sessions were devoted to practical skills development such as clients’ screening and delivering education sessions to people who use drugs.