Capacity building training for prison staff in Indonesia

Capacity building training for prison staff

On February 21-22, 2013 Rumah Cemara organized a capacity building training for 10 officers from Banceuy narcotics prison in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The training was facilitated by prison programme officers Mulyana Dehan and Odon Bayu from Rumah Cemara.

The purpose of the training was to provide information and education materials for prison officers in order to improve their knowledge and skills on HIV/AIDS, HIV-TB, drug addiction, methadone-based substitution therapy, peer support, hepatitis C and antiretroviral therapy.

The prison officers are people who contact with inmates on daily basis. Most of the inmates are drug users and some of them live with HIV. The prison officers should have good knowledge on the issue so that they can decrease stigma and discrimination among the inmates and can provide better support to the inmates in terms of health issues and social aspects.

The capacity building trainings are conducted on a regular basis in Banceuy prison. In the framework of CAHR project 9 capacity building trainings for prison staff were conducted during 2011-2013 involving not less than 90 officers who contact with inmates every day.

Unfortunately, the implementation of prison programme faces many limitations, such as availability of training premises and lack of free time in officers’ schedule to participate in such trainings.

The participants found the training interesting and important. Such trainings improve collaboration between Banceuy prison officers and Rumah Cemara staff.