Indonesian mayors exchange study tour to Amsterdam

Rumah Cemara with the support of International HIV/AIDS Alliance, AFEW and Public Health Service (GGD) organised a study tour visit to Amsterdam, Netherlands for representatives of municipalities from Bandung and Surabaya. The visit took place from 15 till 17 November 2016. It was inspired by the ‘City leadership’ and ’90-90-90 cascade’ concepts and included acquaintance with integrated services for people who use drugs, visits to STI clinic and a number of organisations working with vulnerable populations in Amsterdam. The aim of the visit was to demonstrate the best experience of city authorities' involvement into public health issues.

Participants of the study tour had a chance to meet Ambassador on Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights Lambert Grijns, visited Jellinek prevention clinic and De Regenboog clinic, GV Centrum in Amsterdam, AFEW and Mainline offices.

They were acquainted with the integrated HIV and Hepatitis C services for people who use drugs provided in Amsterdam, involvement of religious leaders in the provision of services for people who use drugs and work with the police.

Participants of the visit found the assistance program for the poor (Poverty Program) and system of cooperation with police as the most applicable to improve work with people who use drugs in Indonesian cities.

As a result of the visit, municipality representatives from Bandung and Surabaya developed a follow up plan to introduce activities they found useful during the field visit and Bandung participants prepared a submission to the Mayor to improve relationship between the city of Bandung and Amsterdam as a sister city.

Photo by Rudhy Wedhasmara, Rumah Cemara