Overdose recognition and response begins on the Myanmar border with INPUD

On February 23rd – March 3rd Imphal (India) based INPUD users and the INPUD Programmes Coordinator have delivered the first on-site overdose training for homeless communities living, and visiting  the Myanmar border town of Moreh in Manipur, India.

This has been a critical intervention as the Burmese and Moreh community have reported that this has never been available to them, with many of their friends and colleagues dying of overdose due to the purity of heroin that is readily available and passes through Moreh as part of it’s transit through to India.

Although this initiative was discussed with INPUD during visit to Imphal early in 2014, the CAHR project extension has provided the means to not only enable this life saving information to be shared in the popular using areas, it has also enabled a workshop to take place in the Moreh Town Conference Centre where issues of essential harm reduction were discussed. This included the prevention and awareness of the transmission routes of Hepatitis C and HIV, safer injecting and how create ‘safe space’, along with an introductory session on human rights.

The participants were supported by INPUD to start their own network bordering Moreh and Myanmar with the majority of members coming from Myanmar to attend the workshop. The network name is “Black Rose United Association” and is the first cross border network with representatives from both countries.