Peer driven intervention training held in Indonesia



CAHR programme continues to support innovative approaches to outreach and helps country partners in Indonesia to set up peer driven intervention – an outreach programme targeting hard to reach networks of people who use drugs. After introduction training on peer driven intervention (PDI) which took place in Indonesia in 2014, Practice Centre on PWID and HCV hosted by International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine together with Rumah Cemara, Indonesian Drug Users Network (PKNI) and Oxford University organised a training session in Jakarta for representatives of organisations starting PDI in Bali, Batam and Jakarta. The training was facilitated by Pavlo Smyrnov (Regional Technical Support Hub for Eastern Europe and Central Asia) and Claudia Stoicescu (Harm Reduction International & University of Oxford) and took place on 9 – 13 March, 2015.  The aim of the training was to prepare participants to implement PDI in their respective sites and train them to use SyrEx PDI database for tracking coupons and rewards. The participants learnt about PDI concept and history; its implementation steps, developed practical skills arranging agreements with clients, conducting screening and interviews and providing education based on educational modules specifically designed for the intervention.

PKNI plans to start a PDI intervention in May 2015 targeting 500 people who inject drugs in the Greater Jakarta area in Indonesia, which includes biological testing for HIV and anti-HCV.

Rumah Cemara plans to start PDI in May 2015 targeting stimulant users in Batam and Bali, with a target sample of 200 and 150 in each city respectively.