Peer Driven Intervention training in Jakarta

On February 2-7, 2014 Rumah Cemara in collaboration with Indonesian Drug Users Network (PKNI), Oxford University, Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL) and Alliance-Ukraine conducted Peer Driven Intervention (PDI) training in Jakarta for the participants from drug users’ community and organizations implementing community-based outreach.

The training was initiated by PKNI, which realized the needs for a new strategic intervention among hidden drug user populations that had never been covered by outreach work. After the mapping of the populations related to PWID it was found, that it consist of young drug users, female drug users, stimulants users; there was also the group of drug users which has a very exclusive community. Reaching these populations is very important because the group is exposed to the same risks and has the right to know about them.

The participants were encouraged not to just set targets and strategy, but also participate in the budgeting and data input using the format which was already developed and tested in Ukraine. At the end of training the facilitator invited National AIDS Commission, donor organizations and representatives from the government to discuss community needs and further innovative interventions to be implemented in order to reach more new clients.