Support Don’t Punish: Join the “Thunderclap” for 26th June

On Friday 26th June, activists and supporters will participate in events in 150 cities around the world, as part of the Support Don’t Punish campaign’s Global Day of Action. But, even if there is not an event in your city, you can be a part of this global movement on social media. In order to boost the campaign’s social media impact on the day, we have created a “Thunderclap” for you to join:

Thunderclap is a “crowd-speaking” platform that helps people to be heard by saying something together at one time. You can sign up from your Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr accounts, and Thunderclap will send out the following message on your behalf on the 26th June – at the same time as hundreds of others around the world:

“150 cities worldwide unite today to end the war on drugs as part of the #supportdontpunish global day of action

By sending the messages all at one time, Thunderclap will create a wave of attention, helping the campaign to trend on social media for the second year running. This platform has been used by the United Nations, Levis, Sony, Durex, the BBC and even the White House!

This is all part of the Support Don’t Punish campaign’s broader aims to raise awareness of the harm caused by the war on drugs, and to call for better drug policies that prioritise public health and human rights. The 26th June is the United Nation’s “International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking”: a day when many governments celebrate their contributions to the global war on drugs. In the past, some governments have even commemorated this day by holding public executions or beatings of drug offenders.

By taking part in the Global Day of Action, you can help to “reclaim” the message on this important day.

There are also several other ways in which you can participate online and on social media. Please visit the campaign website and follow the links to register and share the campaign through email, Facebook and/or Twitter. You can also ‘like’ and share our Facebook page, or follow and retweet us on Twitter. You can also download our logo as your profile picture, or use our specially-designed Facebook ‘cover picture’ on your profile. Please also use the campaign hash-tag #supportdontpunish so that your tweet will feature on our homepage.

Finally, please also take part in the campaign’s Interactive Photo Project – through which around 5,000 people have shown their support for the campaign. Just download the campaign poster, take your photo and then send it to to be uploaded on the website, Facebook and on Flickr.