SyrEx database workshop held in Kenya

On November,  18-20th , Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium in collaboration with NASCOP and TS Hub Kiev conducted  a 3 day workshop in Nakuru, Kenya, for participants from NASCOP, APHIA PLUS, Mombasa and Nairobi County Offices, Ministry of Health, Kenya Red Cross, The Omari project, MEWA, Reachout Trust, Teens Watch Centre, NOSSET, SAPTA, Medicine du Mode and KANCO. The workshop was facilitated by Pavlo Smyrnov and Vasiliy Borshchov from Alliance Ukraine, Onesmus Mlewa and Sylvia Ayon from KANCO.

The aim of the workshop was to build monitoring and evaluation capacity of Kenya governmental and non-government organizations that implement MARP programmes, especially harm reduction targeting people who inject drugs.

For many decades Kenyan government has been struggling to get realistic size population of PWID, MSM and CSW accessing health services in the country. Introduction of SyrEx database as M&E tool by Alliance Ukraine through KANCO harm reduction programme has enabled harm reduction implementing partners to register new clients with unique identifier into SyrEx database with minimal double reporting cases. With support from KANCO M&E department double registration cases in the country were identified and addressed.

The participants appreciated the fact that the system can proficiently and timely give relevant reports if data is correctly, adequately and consistently filled. Since the team had adequate time interacting with SyrEx database system all representatives from different organizations and government departments agreed to embrace the system, since it’s a comprehensive and user-friendly electronic data management tool, that would help to collect programmatic data, monitor the progress of HIV prevention programmes for most-at-risk population and it would play a key role in policy and decision making plans, improving and developing HIV/AIDS programmes.

A unanimous agreement recommended that all trained individuals would continue to implement the tool recommendations were made: circulate SyrEx manual, harmonize MARP registration tools, come up with standardize unique client number, clean and reconstruct existing data, readjust SyrEx to make it a national comprehensive tool not just for MARP programme and realign other section to meet Kenya data management needs.